In Deference to the Human Interest

I don't think it's a stretch to acknowledge that there are plenty of problems that humankind faces that just will not be solved by the Internet. Which then begs the question: what problems, if any, are worth solving? The Internet is a network. And not simply a network of "things" but a network that serves it's higher purpose when facilitating the interconnectedness of people. To this end the humble blog, in all it's varied forms, may be the most powerful and empowering use of this technology: it simply, and to a degree, effortlessly, enables the sharing of the most private thoughts, incisive criticism and cogent discourse. It may be that simplicity and straightforwardness are goals to strive for in web development as well as life. Maybe we are entering a phase where technical prowess will be superseded by the power to empathize and serve the human interest.