Responsive Design with the Ignition HTML5/CSS3 Framework

Ignition, inspired by HTML5 Boilerplate and Twitter's Bootstrap is one attempt to apply the sensibility of those projects (implementing baseline templates for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) towards Responsive Design. Having a template to base your development and design on, which will allow for a fluid screen layout on desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile, is a welcome idea.

While Ignition is still in the early phases of development, a few key features stand out. Included are the usual CSS reset along with some simple baseline styles. Media queries deliver the appropriate customized styles to different devices. It's worth pointing out that font sizes are specified in rems for greater control and accuracy. Also of note is Ignition's implementation of Sass CSS for more flexible CSS development using variables, mixins and selector inheritance. While the eventual goal is to support all browsers, currently Ignition has only been tested on Chrome 13+, Firefox 6 and Safari 5.