The DOM Platform and the Demise of HTML5

About a week ago, this commit was made to the WHATWG DOM Platform spec.

For some developers, the sounding of HTML5's death knell may come not a moment too soon. HTML5, with the native browser functionality and semantics that it brought, was also accompanied by pretty silly levels of misinterpretation, "buzz-wordiness" and jingoism on the part of misinformed executives and dev shops looking to cash in on "HTML5 fever".

The DOM is what we work with, and whether we're using a section tag or gasp a div, the point is that it is the basic framework that drives the web apps that we have come to take for granted, and for the foreseeable future, will be the skeleton that give structure to most web experiences. So call it like it is: it is the API, it is the platform, it is the work horse of our apps.

I look to the living standard with optimism.