Web Development: Process and Product

It seems to me, that my workflow benefits most from a posture focused on the process of web development, rather than exclusively the set of deliverables that compose a final product. It seems that this is not a unique point of view. But it does seem that focusing on the process re-calibrates our attention from putting our energy into things, and valuing things, to valuing the people involved. We want to value people and use code, rather than the other way around.

I believe the craft of web development most benefits when we take the attitude that the people, the team, is ultimately more valuable than the code itself. Paradoxically, the code takes on a better sense of organization and logic when each team member places a primary value on the team. It is difficult if not impossible for a developer who is primarily concerned with the team's output, and by extension, the code base as a complete entity, to contribute code that is incomplete or buggy. Buggy code is antisocial code.

Developers should be concerned with producing friendly code, that is, code that integrates with the entire codebase and the workflow of the team. To that end, I think that agreements around things like work process, version control practices, and a style guide are irreplaceable as tools to encourage the socialization of the team and the production of valuable code.